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Juice Plus- Meal Replacement, Weight Loss & Detox

Juice Plus has taken the trend of juicing to a whole new nutritional level.  By utilizing the best and most effective nutrients from over 48 fruits, vegetables, and grains, Juice Plus serves its consumers with healthy products that support a balanced diet.  Part of a healthy, balanced diet allows those who make an effort to do so to also engage in weight loss.

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Supported by clinical research, including Juice Plus into your diet can allow for proven results of healthier lungs, quality of life, weight management, and immune system support, just a few benefits among several others.  Clinical research supports the fact that a healthy weight and healthy weight management benefit the musculoskeletal system, and when paired with chiropractic therapy, can prevent misalignments of the spine that lead to several serious issues.

Many consumers are looking to lose weight, and a study conducted by several research journals showed that the inclusion of Juice Plus in diets can increase beta-carotene levels.  Juice Plus also works to decrease fat storage in the body and improve insulin resistance.  For optimal weight loss results, Juice Plus recommends getting plenty of exercise, hydrating, and eating a healthy diet of whole foods in combination with taking Juice Plus.

Detoxing, while a popular trend in today’s world in concern mindful eating, has proven results in allowing the body to expel and clear itself of toxins.  A juice cleanse with Juice Plus can replace these unwanted and damaging toxins with essential nutrients for healthy bones, muscles, skin, joints, and overall functions of the body.  A detox with Juice Plus combined with regular chiropractic care can readjust your body from the inside out.


Farm fresh nutrition allows for Juice Plus to use only the most nutritionallyJuice Plus Greensboro-Dr. Myers dense whole foods, and by consuming these antioxidants and vitamins derived from whole fruits and vegetables, you are increasing your body’s defenses, lowering your risk of disease.  Vitamins are necessary for your body’s functions and help maintain your overall health, from your skin to your bones.

Vitamins and nutrients are harnessed by Juice Plus’ revolutionary formula that takes out all the other unnecessary fillers and only uses the powerful ingredients that whole foods consist of.  With Juice Plus, you can have a healthier, more balanced approach to mindful eating.  Unlike other vitamin supplements, Juice Plus supports a healthy diet by offering a wide range of naturally occurring vitamins, along with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Juice Plus products in combination with regular chiropractic care can support and maintain your overall health.  Chiropractic research journals find that a healthy diet with regular spinal manipulation can encourage a healthy musculoskeletal and nerve system with little to no disruptions between the body’s communicative pathways.

Daily Required Vegetable Support

Juice Plus, while should not be substituted for whole fruits and vegetables entirely, compliments mindful eating and a healthy, balanced diet.  Derived from several fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus gives your body the nutrients it needs to perform its daily functions and processes, all while working to prevent disease and symptoms of many conditions and disorders.

Juice Plus removes the water from vegetables, only utilizing the powerful nutrients and immune system boosting antioxidants in its formula.  Juice Plus offers their products in capsules, chewables, and juice powder forms.  Juice Plus and their products rely on the powerful vitamins and nutrients gained from whole foods in a concentrated formula to give their consumers the greatest benefits from its sources.  Nutritional experts advise that with daily whole foods and vegetable support from Juice Plus products, food acts not only as calories and energy, but also as a preventative measure for diseases, conditions, and disorders.

Clinical studies have found that Juice Plus vegetable support has helped consumers in areas of dental health, heart health, strengthening the immune system, skin health, the prevention of systemic inflammation, and increased their overall quality of life.  These areas of wellbeing also prevent spinal and vertebrae malfunctions in the musculoskeletal and nervous system.  In pairing Juice Plus in the diet and with chiropractic therapy, can act as preventative measures for numerous conditions, disorders, neck pain, back pain, discomfort in the hip area.

Chiropractic research studies found that with daily-required vegetable support, there is a corresponding benefit to spinal health.  The vitamins and nutrients whole vegetables contain support bone and spinal health, skin, muscles, and encourage the proper functionality of basic bodily routines.   Nutrients and vegetable support decrease the risk of spinal misalignments, which in turn can solve neck pain, lower back pain, kidney pain, upper back pain, and middle back pain.





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Dr. Michael Myers has been a practicing chiropractor since 2003 and graduated from Life Chiropractic University. He offers the finest chiropractic care for your bodies best health and wellness.



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