How do you find the right chiropractor?  There isn’t just one answer to make your search easier, but there are questions you can ask your potential chiropractic caregiver.  These questions will highlight the credentials, practices, techniques, and procedure implemented by your potential chiropractor, narrowing your search down to discover the right one for you. We hope you will choose us, Myers Chiropractic, as your go-to Chiro in Greensboro!

  1. Does your Chiropractic office offer free or introductory consultations?

Your chiropractor is someone who is going to be involved in your personal health and well being, and because of this, you should be able to meet with them before making a commitment.  This is also an opportunity to ask questions and see if this chiropractor is the right fit for you and your health needs.  Just like any other doctor and medical professional, finding the right person to work with you is a incredibly personal decision, and a free consultation will allow you to gain insight if this chiropractor is right for you.

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  1. What is the waiting policy?

The most frustrating aspect of being a patient is that a trip to your doctor’s office could mean too much wasted time spent in the waiting room.  Keeping patients waiting for their appointments demonstrates a blatant disregard of their time.  A chiropractic appointment should be timely and effective, and good, efficient health care facilities won’t allow their patients to wait for more than ten minutes at a time. Our patients never have to wait for their appointments!

  1. What are your payment terms?

This is a crucial question, especially for those who do not have insurance or if their insurance does not cover their chiropractic therapy.  Many offices offer payment plans that allow for patients to pay for their chiropractic needs in low installments.  Some offices are cash upfront only, and alternatively, some accept cards where others do not.  It is important to know what your chiropractor’s office offers in terms of payment to better prepare you to plan financially. Myers Chiropractic Greensboro accepts almost all major insurance. Contact us with any questions on accepting yours.

  1. Will you provide me with written recommendations?

It is the responsibility of your chiropractor to provide professional advice and he or she should follow through by producing these recommendations in writing to you.  Without the pressure of being present in the office environment, written recommendations allow you to weigh your options in the comfort of your own home.  The more information your chiropractor is willing to provide in writing, the better you can plan financially and for your personal health. We are happy to help you with that!

  1. What is your policy on taking x-rays?

You are in search of the best care possible, and with x-rays, your chiropractor can gain a better understanding of the cause of chronic pain, discomfort, and other issues that could stem from a fracture or damaged joint or disc.  By learning if your chiropractor does or does not take x-rays before you commit to him or her, you can gain a better understanding of the quality of treatment you would be receiving from their office. We only take x-rays when absolutely necessary.

  1. What are your chiropractic techniques?

Every chiropractic office is different, and this is why this question is an important one to pose before committing to one in particular.  A practiced and experience chiropractor will offer numerous techniques because not every problem responds well to just one presented method.  Each patient and their ailments are unique, and a reputable chiropractor recognizes this and will tailor techniques to achieve the best results. Simply ask us about ours and we will gladly share that with you and how we help our Greensboro chiropractic clients with health and wellness.

  1. What are your references?

While this question may seem unnecessary, it is actually quite a common one asked by potential patients in search for the right doctor.  References provided to you by your chiropractor should be from both current patients and from chiropractic colleagues. These references should be an honest reflection from the patients he or she serves as well as how their professional colleagues view him or her. We have amazing Google reviews and have been successfully helping chiropractic clients and as well as professional sports team athletes for years.

  1. How do you determine the number of appointments I need?

Some doctors do not implement any criteria to determine how many visits are required for their patients, but nonetheless, this is still an essential question to ask.  Knowing how your doctors and chiropractors approach treatments for their patients can allow you to plan your personal health care needs.  Understanding your chiropractor’s treatment plan will also allow you to have better insight on the healing process and your expectations for it. This will be based on the type and severity of your injuries and what’s needed to successfully treat you.

  1. Are there methods of prevention I can enact on my own free time?

Treatment doesn’t stop after your chiropractic visit, and a well-practiced chiropractor will provide you with professional advice or exercises that should be followed as a means of prevention.  Your chiropractor should actively be working with you to prevent whatever issue you face, not keep you from coming back appointment after appointment. We will guide you on best methods of self practices.

  1. What if I am not satisfied with my results?

If your chiropractor isn’t willing to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your visit is free, then that is a sign of a lack of confidence in the treatment he or she provides.  Your chiropractor should be willing to prove the highest quality treatment, chiropractic therapy, and professional guidance and advice for his or her patients, and if a patient isn’t satisfied, the chiropractor has a duty to make things right. Ask us what we can do for you.