Ever wonder what questions to ask a chiropractor before choosing them to care for you? We’ve compiled a list of 21 questions you should ask your chiropractor before choosing them.

  1. What techniques do you implement?

Each patient is unique and some prefer different treatment methods than others.  A perfect chiropractor for you may mean something completely different for a family member or friends.  Take their recommendations with a grain of salt and tailor your search for a chiropractor to your preferences.


  1. Do you have experience in treating my condition?

While you are in search of chiropractic care you can get along with and trust, you should also be aware if he or she has any experience in treating your particular condition.  You should seek a chiropractor that is well practiced and experienced because at the end of the day, the results of the treatment are what you will want the most.


  1. How many Greensboro appointments will I require?

Your chiropractor may not have an exact number of treatments in mind for you, but he or she should be able to generally calculate how many appointments you will need based on your response and result of the initial visit.  This will hint at whether this chiro is after charging you for multiple appointments or genuinely striving to heal your chronic pain.

  1. What is your stance on taking x-rays?

Some chiropractors have a standard procedure in taking x-rays while others do not.  An x-ray can shed light on potential fractures or musculoskeletal dislocations that could be the source of chronic pain and discomfort.  X-rays can provide valuable information to hone in on specific treatments that will provide the best results for you.


  1. What should I be doing as a preventive treatment?

Chiropractors, just like any other doctor and medical professional, have the duty in healing their patients to the best of their abilities, not just charge them for unnecessary appointments.  A good chiro will provide you with preventative methods such as exercises, a nutritional diet, and special stretches because your healing should be a primary concern.


  1. What are all the services you provide?

Getting a scope on the overall services your potential chiropractor provides will give you an idea of how your needs are aligned with their services.  Your treatment plan may need to encompass more than one service, and this is an important question to ask your neck and back doctor to ensure you are receiving the best care.


  1. Can I alter my treatment plan to my preferences?

You have a say in your treatment plan regardless if you are seeing your regular family doctor, a specialized doctor, or a chiropractor.  Your medical care provider should respect your decisions and preferences.


  1. What are your degrees?

A chiropractor with post-graduate degrees indicates that he or she received specialized training to further his or her education.  As they say, knowledge is power, and by inquiring about your doctor’s education and degrees, you can see just how well their expertise stands.


  1. Does your office offer free or discounted initial consultations (We do!)?

A free or discounted consultation is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, learn more about your doctor and his or her office, and get a feel to see if he or she is a right fit for you.  You shouldn’t feel obligated or pressured during a free consultation, and if you do, take it as a sign that chiropractor isn’t keeping your best interests in mind.


  1. How much will my treatment plan cost?

Your chiropractor may not have a definite number of appointments for you as a part of your treatment plan, and that is perfectly fine.  However, they should be upfront and honest about the costs of your treatment plan, fully disclosing the pricing structure, potential payment options, and any payment plans offered by the office.


  1. How will your office bill me?

Patients have a right to know and understand the payment options and plans the chiropractic office offers.  Just like any other healthcare service, insurance plays an essential role in covering for your chiropractic therapy, and if your insurance does not cover this, then other options should be made aware to you.


  1. What if I don’t see results?

While a difficult question to pose, it is a necessary one.  Sometimes, results are not what a patient desires to be.  Patients may feel better after chiropractic therapy sessions but are not seeing the results they wanted.  Even long-time chiropractor with years of experience and expertise will have a few patients that didn’t get what they wanted from their therapy.  However, a good chiropractor will offer alternative solutions and may even have a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied patients.


  1. Are you licensed?

Chiropractors must be licensed by the state in which they practice in while also passing both state and national exams.  You can find out if your potential chiro is licensed on the Chiropractic Licensing Boards’ online search database. You may see Dr. Myers chiropractor state license HERE.


  1. Are you accredited?

Chiropractors who associated in accredited organizations demonstrate a willingness to engage with their colleagues and pursue shared knowledge within the chiropractic community.  You can go online and check to see if your chiropractor is accredited by organizations like the Council on Chiropractic Education or other well-known affiliations.


Additional Chiropractic Care Questions

  1. Have you ever been disciplined in your professional career?

Checking the past of your neck/back doctor can tell you if he or she has acted negligently towards patients during the course of his or her professional career.  If any medical board has disciplined the chiropractor you are examining, then consider going to see a different one for your treatment.


  1. What does Google say about your potential chiropractor?

A Google search is an effective method to see what other patients are saying about the chiropractor you are considering.  Google Reviews, Yelp, and other verified review platforms can provide insightful feedback on them.

  1. What chiropractor do your family and friends recommend?

You value your family and friends’ opinions, so why not ask them if they see a chiropractor?  After all, with so many chiropractors that work around your town, it can be difficult to find the right one.  A recommendation from your close friends or family member can be helpful in narrowing down the options.


  1. Can your family doctor provide chiropractor recommendations?

Your family doctor is involved in the medical community and is accustomed to giving recommendations of specialists when patients inquire about a specific need for a condition.


  1. Is your potential chiropractor making claims of curing unrelated issues?

Be wary of doctors claiming they can claim a slew of disorders, conditions, and diseases.  Chiropractic treatment can fix numerous issues related to the central nervous system, but for dysfunctions that do not stem from the musculoskeletal system are likely not going to see results of chiropractic therapy.


  1. What are your references?

Your chiropractor should be able to provide recent references from both patients and fellow colleagues.  These references should reflect how well your spin doctor interacts and treats his or her patients as well as his or her relationships with other professional chiropractors in their shared field of expertise.


  1. What is your experience utilizing this specific technique?

Chiropractors often times implement specific techniques to treat their patients, and these methods may include practices like cold laser therapy, Activator Technique, or Graston Technique.  By inquiring about their experience with these treatments, you can feel more comfortable knowing Dr. Myers has a very high skill level and advanced training background.


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