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About Myers Chiropractic of Greensboro

Dr. Michael Myers has been a practicing chiropractor for the past 16 years, Dr. Myers’s approach to healthcare may be a little different than what you are used to. His approach is one where the patient comes first! Where treatments are specific to each patient based on what’s best for the individual, not what’s convenient for the Doctor. It would seem in this day and age Doctors look at patients as another number or disease. Dr. Myers takes a special interest in each patient. As the meaning of Doctor is “teacher”, Dr. Myers takes this seriously and teaches his patients how to live a healthier life one that is complete with true wellness and the elimination of pain.

Dr. Myers graduated from The Life Chiropractic University in Georgia in 1997. Dr. Myers worked in South Florida for 13 years working as a cover doctor. Currently, Dr. Myers works in Greensboro at his practice Myers Chiropractic. With his years of knowledge and hands-on experience with athletes and families, Dr. Myers is a trusted, caring, and family-oriented Chiropractor who has created a team focused on wellness and true healing.

Our Mission is to serve the people of our community in a holistic and drug-free environment, to reduce pain, and to restore the function of the body to improve our patient’s health and quality of life, with chiropractic care and massage therapy.

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