Greensboro Mid Back Pain/Dysfunction Relief

Middle Back Pain Relief

Middle back pain, either in the middle of the back, or pain in the middle right side of the back, or middle back pain spasms, all could be telltale signs of a misalignment of the middle spine vertebrae.  The causes of middle back pain can be the potential misplacement of spinal vertebrae, which disrupts the body’s digestive process, and can cause pain both in the middle back area and lead to stomach discomfort and intestinal disorders.  This can make already present disorders and their symptoms worse, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulitis, Chron’s Disease, and other common gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr. Myers and his Greensboro chiropractic care can realign the middle back and any misplaced vertebrae.  Chiropractic treatment realigns the spine and encourages the nervous and musculoskeletal system to function properly, which will not only act as preventative to digestive disorders but also assist in resolving middle to lower back pain as well.

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Breathing; the one thing we do constantly and one of the most important functions of our body needed to keep us alive and well.  Our overall well-being depends on the breath we are able to take, and this is why when inhibited, our health greatly suffers.  Patients can struggle with a number of breathing issues, either relative to sinuses, diaphragm muscles, or the muscles located near the ribs, upper chest, and neck.

Our respiratory system is connected to the spine, just like everything else.  Parts of the body like the ribs, muscles, spinal nerves, and neck all function together to help us breathe, and if there are any disruptions or dysfunctions with these working parts, our breathing can suffer.  Nerve signals along the spine can become blocked as well, and this can result in the lungs failing to fill up completely, making breathing labored.

Dr. Myers, using his chiropractic techniques, will pinpoint the subluxations in the spine that are the potential source of your breathing issues.  Patients have reported feeling and breathing better after receiving chiropractic treatment and therapy, especially when done so regularly.  Dr. Myers can help you get back on track in breathing regularly, allowing for this necessary bodily task to no longer be labored, but natural.

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Dr. Michael Myers has been a practicing chiropractor for the past 16 years, Dr. Myers’s approach to healthcare may be a little different than what your used to! His approach is one where the patient comes first!! Where treatments are specific to each patient based on what’s best for the individual, not what’s convenient for the Doctor. It would seem in this day and age Doctors look at patients as another number or disease. Dr. Myers takes a special interest in each patient. As the meaning of Doctor is “teacher”, Dr. Myers takes this seriously and teaches his patients how to live a healthier life one that is complete with true wellness and the elimination of pain.

Dr. Myers graduated from The Life Chiropractic University in Georgia in 1997. Dr. Myers worked in South Florida for 13 years working as a cover doctor. Currently Dr. Myers works in Greensboro at his own practice Myers Chiropractic. With his years of knowledge and hands on experience with athletes and families, Dr Myers is a trusted, caring and family oriented Chiropractor who has created a team focused on wellness and true healing.

Our Mission is to serve the people of our community in a holistic and drug free environment, to reduce pain and to restore function of the body to improve our patients health and quality of life, with chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Stop living in pain! Contact us today and get on the road to a better you!

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Back Pain

Greensboro back pain relief- Dr.Myers

Don’t let back pain control your life anymore. Dr. Myers will professionally treat your back and get you pain relief quickly and the healing you have been longing for.

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Neck Pain

Greensboro neck pain relief- Dr. Myers

Don’t suffer any longer from neck back pain from an accident or injury. Dr. Myers will give you a professional adjustment and ongoing treatment for soothing pain relief and healing.

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Health & Wellness

health and Wellness Greensboro- Dr. Myers

Dr. Myers offers multiple solutions to help your bodies health and wellness like pH Ion Balance Booster and Doterra Essential Oils. We also offer an exercise therapy room for your therapy.

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We strive to offer our Greensboro chiropractic patients the very best care including health and wellness to help your body heal holistically and naturally combined with Dr. Myers’ excellent neck and back treatments.