To Increase the Body’s pH to Aid in Preventing Cancers l pH Ion Balance Booster

As humans, we are normally made up of 70% water.  This crucial portion of water in our system aids in daily operations and functions of the body, but with exercise, vigorous activities, dehydration, and environmental factors, our bodies can lose water throughout the day.  Hydration is key for our overall health, and pH levels play an important role in maintaining it.

A study conducted in 2013 found that a low or acidic pH level has toxic effects, and this is where pH Ion Balance Booster steps in to correct this common issue.  Cancer cells are encouraged by an acidic diet, and these foods allow the cells to grow and spread.  pH Ion Balance Booster’s products like alkaline water work to lower the occurrence and spreading of these cancer cells as well as reduce levels of acidity in the body.

Many of pH Ion Balance Booster products work in unison with chiropractic care to eliminate the body of harmful acids and waste. A healthy system lacking dangerous acids can keep the spine aligned, preventing not only cancer cells from reproducing, but also numerous issues that are a result of spinal misalignments. Lower back pain, middle back pain spasms, lower back pain in the left side, mid back pain, are all symptoms of misaligned vertebrae. Cleanses and detoxes by pH Ion Balance Booster products can reset your body’s system and support a healthy spine and musculoskeletal, nerve, and internal systems.

The body’s state of balance depends on its pH levels, and supplements such as pH Ion Acid Drainage can help achieve this. Herbal extracts in pH Ion Acid Drainage encourage the kidneys to purge waste and proceed to cleanse the blood of acids. This promotes the health of the circulatory system, the system in the body responsible for moving blood to needed places. Some consider methods such as Acid Drainage as a tool that can prevent the spread and formation of cancer mutations, penetrating deep tissues to ensure that acid is removed and the body reaches a state of balance.

Cancer Prevention Protocol

Based on data collected in 2013-2015, approximately 38% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.  The prevalence of cancer has increased tremendously, and with this trend on the rise, adults are at risk more than ever.  What are the causes of cancer? The answer is complex and includes a number of environmental triggers, lifestyle choices like smoking and tobacco, factors that include accumulated viruses and infections, and our diet and exercise.

Diet plays an essential role in gene mutations, which can lead to various cancers developing in areas of the body.  pH Ion Balance Booster’s products are centric to understanding how acids and alkaline work in the body and aim to lower levels of acidity that have the potential to encourage dangerous cancer cells and mutations.  By balancing the body’s pH levels, pH Ion Balance Booster’s products work in a variety of different ways, as a nutritional additive, a detoxing supplement, a hydrating liquid, a toxin cleanser, and with the use of alkaline, a cancer prevention tool.

As a part of cancer prevention protocol, pH Ion Balance Booster has a range of supplements and alkaline products to assist in keeping the body balanced.  pH Ion Balance Booster’s fiber supplements have a unique formula comprised of multiple types of beneficial fiber, like Prebiotic, soluble, and insoluble fibers.  This fiber supplement aids the body in eliminating harmful waste created by acidic foods that can create damage in the body’s system with the potential of forming cancerous cells.

Cancer prevention protocol is also assisted by ph Ion Balance Booster’s pHion Alkaline Minerals.  Alkaline Minerals employs five main minerals to cleanse the body of acids and works to neutralize them. The five main minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron, all of which detoxify the body and can be considered a method for cancer prevention.  By maintaining a balanced pH level, the body can restore itself in its daily functions, without waste or toxins.

With diet being one of the leading causes of cancer, ph Ion Balance Booster works to correct this by offering consumers the chance to cleanse and recreate their bodies’ pH levels for optimal balance.  In conjunction with regular care, like chiropractic treatment, cleansing the body of its harmful acids and neutralizing its system with healthful alkaline, the body can increase its defenses for things like diseases and cancers.

pH Ion Balance Booster



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