Greensboro NC chiropractor Dr. Michael Myers - Myers ChiropracticYour family and friends rave about visiting their chiropractor, but as someone who is unfamiliar with what ailments chiropractors treat, you aren’t sure if you are qualified to see one.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a disorder, condition, or chronic paint to see a chiropractor or benefit from one. From stress relief to the common issue of back pain, Myers Chiropractic can encourage your body’s central nervous system to function correctly, and this does much more than you may think.

1. Back Pain

Back pain is the most apparent reason to make an appointment with a professional and well-practiced chiropractor. Back pain is a prevalent occurrence in Americans, so much so that nearly 31 million people experience lower back pain and internationally is the leading cause of disability, according to the Global Burden of Disease in 2010.

2. Neck Pain

In terms of widely experienced areas of pain, neck pain follows closely behind the highly reported issue of back pain. Discomfort in the neck area is certainly one of the top reasons why people seek relief from their chiropractor, who can utilize special techniques to perform spinal manipulations to alleviate neck pain.

3. Recovery from Exercise & Sports

Runners, football players, triathletes, tennis enthusiasts, soccer stars, and everyone in between all seem to have their chiropractor’s number on their speed dials. Athletes and casual exercisers alike always attest to the remarkability of a chiropractic visit to heal their overworked bodies, sore muscles, and tender joints.

4. Menstrual Problems

In this day and age, women should not have to deal with menstrual pain and irregularity, and fortunately, chiropractic care can help subside these frustrating issues. Chiropractic therapy can help women regain control over their painful or irregular cycles by treating the central nervous system.

5. Migraines and Headaches

Following back and neck pain, migraines and headaches are one of the top pain-related issues that send patients to their chiropractors for help. Chiropractic manipulations work dually as a preventative measure and as a means of relief by taking pressure off of certain triggering pressure points.

6. Easing Pain Caused by Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes the exciting experience of a changing body and the anticipation of a new baby, but also pregnancy can produce back pain, swelling, and stiff joints. A few trips to the chiropractor for pregnant women can alleviate discomfort and make their pregnancies much more manageable.

7. Arthritis and Joint Pain

Another top reason behind a trip to a chiropractor is arthritis and joint pain. Joint inflammation is painful and can hinder daily activities, but through chiropractic therapy, patients find relief from tender and swollen joints. Chiropractic treatment works to reduce inflammation and can prevent joint flare-ups from occurring, while also lessening symptoms.

8. Promoting Bowel Regularity & Colon Health

Bowel and colon health and regularity may seem like a surprising reason to see a chiropractor, but constipation is a very real and common gastrointestinal disorder that ties in with our central nervous system, the system in which chiropractic care treats. Chiropractors can work to promote a healthy and happy colon on children and adults alike.

9. Alternative to Surgery

Nowadays, there is a surgery or a pill for everything, and while we have the medicine and technology to treat many diseases, the question arises: is it necessary to do so? With a strong focus on healing the body through therapeutic manipulations without the use of drugs, pill, or surgeries, chiropractors aim to provide a more natural method in solving pain and dysfunctions of the body.

10. Sinus & Respiratory Issues

Sinuses, breathing issues, and allergies are common issues that many seek assistance from their chiropractor for. The central nervous system controls the majority of our bodies’ functions, the respiratory system included. With correct manipulations, patients report breathing easier, even during pollen seasons.

11. Scoliosis

A frequently diagnosed condition of the back is scoliosis, and for a twisted spine, there are no better experts to see than a chiropractor. Using the latest techniques and methods, chiropractors work with patients with scoliosis to achieve proper posture and a healthy spine.

12. Trouble Sleeping

Body aches, muscle pain, and joint discomfort are all good enough reasons to keep you up at night, and like many other sleep sufferers, you are likely in search of a solution to this disruptive problem. That’s why so many patients are seeing their chiropractors in order to get help with their lack of sleep. By confronting central nervous system issues with chiropractic therapy, they find that they are able to finally rest at night.

13. Better Movement

Chiropractic care is an overall approach to the body’s wellness, and this includes its ability to move freely without joint inflammation, muscle aches, and chronic pain of the back and neck. Some patients visit their chiropractor just to “reset” their body, and this can help them down the road when age plays a limiting factor on movement.

14. Alternative to Pills

Chronic pain is widely experienced by thousands of Americans, and most do not want to take aggressive prescription drugs to solve their issues. Chiropractic therapy offers a means to holistically treat the source of chronic pain instead of simply treating the symptoms.

15. Stress Relief

Taking care of yourself feels good, there’s no doubt about that, and that’s why many people seek chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic therapy helps promote the functioning of the central nervous system, which is connected to everything. Patients make reoccurring appointments to their chiropractor to relieve stress, and the relief comes with the fact that they understand that with chiropractic care, they are ensuring and promoting their overall health.

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