What is Wellness?

Wellness is taking care of our body, mind, and soul and nourishing it to be the healthiest version of ourselves we can be. This can be done through many different dimensions that we are going to discuss today.

8 Dimensions of Wellness


Emotional wellness is just what you think it would be. It encompasses self-care, stress relief, and relaxation. It also means being in tune with the way things are affecting us. We need to be in tune with our emotions so that we can filter out things that don’t support our emotional wellness. 

How to Achieve Emotional Wellness

You can achieve emotional wellness first by focusing on the positives. This allows you to be in a healthy state of mind versus dwelling on the negative which can be detrimental to your emotional wellness. Practicing gratitude is another way that you can achieve emotional wellness. Showing gratitude and thanks helps our minds focus on the positives in our life. You can also practice being mindful as well as practicing a regular self-care routine.


Environmental wellness is when we learn to care about our environment and become in tune with it. When we learn to respect and honor our environment we learn to live in gratitude more often for the world that we live in. Environmental wellness helps support emotional wellness in this aspect.

How to Achieve Environmental Wellness

The best way to achieve environmental wellness is to take care of our earth. This might be through recycling, volunteering, conserving energy, or any handful of things that can help out our planet. Doing these things allows us to appreciate our planet and all that it has to offer.


Finances can be a big cause of stress in our lives. Financial wellness is learning how to successfully manage our finances. This can be done by creating a budget, tracking expenses, and then following up with the budget you made. Learning this creates financial wellness which in turn can reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

How to Achieve Financial Wellness

This is going to change depending on what season of life you are in. First, you should prioritize your finances and figure out what is important to you. Is it paying off debt? Is it just living your life and paying the minimum amount? Either way, you should create your budget around this and stick to it. There are also many resources out there that can assist you in making financial decisions and creating a budget.


Intellectual wellness is when we exercise our brains through creative and stimulating activities. You can develop intellectual wellness through different hobbies, schooling, volunteering, cultural activities and so much more! As you develop intellectual wellness you will find that some of your activities and resources fit well with the other dimensions of wellness. This helps create a more well-rounded life.

How to Achieve Intellectual Wellness

You must be open to other cultures, ideas, environments, and activities in order to develop intellectual wellness. Being open-minded allows you to explore new things and absorb more from what you are doing or learning. This in turn creates intellectual wellness as well as nurtures some of the other dimensions of wellness.


Occupational wellness is when you realize the importance of the meaning of the work that you do. Your attitude about your occupation can either cause stress or it can cause fulfillment and you get to decide which one it is.

How to Achieve Occupational Wellness

In order to achieve occupational wellness, you must first see the significance of your job and learn to be satisfied with what you are doing. This might also mean exploring other career opportunities to find something that is more satisfying and meaningful.


Physical wellness is taking care of our bodies and our health. This can be done through nutrition, physical activity, and mental wellness. Being physically well allows us to focus on the other aspects of wellness. If we are not physically well then it can impede our ability to take care of ourselves in the other dimensions.

How to Achieve Physical Wellness

You can achieve physical wellness by doing regular physical activity, eating nutritious foods, and taking care of your mental health. It is recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day and eat foods that fuel your body and make you feel good. It is also important to take time for yourself each day and replenish your mind.


Social wellness deals with how we interact with others and our relationships with people. Our relationships often become our support system when we are having trouble in any of the other dimensions of wellness. Having supportive, positive, and healthy relationships is an important part of wellness. If you don’t have this then it can be harder to achieve the 8 dimensions of wellness.

How to Achieve Social Wellness

First, it is important to study yourself and know your social needs. Are you an introvert? Do you need a lot of social interaction? Once you figure out these things then you can begin to focus on your relationships. You want to ensure that you are building healthy relationships and not toxic ones. You also want to learn to be an active listener and support system for your friends. This helps foster a better relationship and thus social wellness.


Spiritual wellness can be through faith, beliefs, ethics, or morals. You do not have to be a religious person to have spiritual wellness. This dimension of wellness allows us to feel a purpose in our life and a belonging in this world.

How to Achieve Spiritual Wellness

One way to best achieve spiritual wellness is through meditation. Meditating allows you to really think about who you are and what your place is in this world. It may also be beneficial to your spiritual wellness to explore religion and see if there is one that you align with. This can help support your spiritual wellness as well as some of the other dimensions.

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